The Boy Who Never Cut His Hair

7-year-old Tim does not like the reality around him. He dreams about returning to his past life, which he says to remember, and save his only best friend Blue Cat. He has never cut his hair because he is convinced that his memories about the Blue Cat still lives in his locks. Other children bully him for looking different. Tim hides inside a big wardrobe in his room. Left alone and haunted by his powerful imagination and not really able to control it, Tim sinks deeper and deeper into attractive but dangerous fantasies. One day Tim’s Mother receives a mysterious call and Tim is forced to step outside his wardrobe.

Short animation | 14 min | in production

Script: Tomas Tamosaitis, Olga Voytenko

Director: Tomas Tamosaitis
Artwork/animation: Rasa Joni

Production: Joni Art