Spanish for Adults

A tiny classroom is a meeting point and a shelter for those who have come to Spain driven by the “European dream” to start a new life. Brought together by fate, these immigrants share disillusionment, alienation and yearn for a return home. But they haven’t counted on their extraordinary language teacher, 48-year-old Maria Antonia. She gets her inspiration from her dreams. It seems sometimes that the classroom transforms to the stage. Fiction and reality touch one another in her small, hermetically sealed classroom, a place where Maria is the star and her students the audience.


Creative documentary | 54 min | completed

Script|Director: Tomas Tamosaitis

Camera : Laisvunas Karvelis, Marta Javierre
Artwork | animation: Rasa Joni

Composer: Jonas Jurkunas


In co-production with Televisio de Catalunya (Spain), ZDF/Arte (Germany/France), YLE(Finland) | 2008


SPANISH FOR ADULTS was very successful at film festivals around the world. It was awarded with 2 Grand Prix in Poland: GRAND PRIX at the 10th International Film Festival ‘Crossroads of Europe’ in Lublin (Poland, 2009) and the FIRST PRIZE at the International Documentary Film Festival TRANZYT in Poznan (Poland, 2009).

The film was nominated for the Lithuanian National Film Award SILVER CRANE in the category ‘Best Documentary 2008’.