Killer, Penguin, Doll Face

On the edge of the Old Town is the Grey House. Killer, Penguin, Doll Face and many others live in it. No one knows for sure if Killer ever killed someone, but Penguin undoubtedly talks to the birds, and Creep is an expert in punishing himself. Doll Face is not as stupid as others think. Every child has a nickname in the House.

More things happen in just one day inside the House than most people living outside will experience during their whole lifetime. The House is more than an ordinary Child Development Centre for Children that neither their parents nor society know how to deal with. The Grey House is a separate Universe in itself.

KILLER, PENGUIN, TOM, DOLL FACE is a hybrid film combining animation and real live footage.

Feature length animated documentary | 80 min | in development

Author | Director: Tomas Tamosaitis
Artwork | animation: Skirmanta  Jakaite, Rasa Joni, David Jansen, Morgan le Pechon
Composer: Jonas Jurkunas

Production: Joni Art

Co-production with: Now Films (Germany), Ikki Films (France), Braidmade Films (Poland)

Supported by:

– Lithuanian Film Centre

– Creative Europe

– Ciclic – Région Centre-Val de Loire