A lonely fox desires to isolate herself from the outer world. She enjoys to be tortured by her Guilt. But it’s not easy to be left alone with it as her personal space gets constantly invaded by the surroundings. While the fox’s small world crumbles the Guilt just observes and continues to torment her hostess with uneasy dreams. The fox has to choose between madness and reconciliation.

Short animation| 5 min| completed

Premier: Annecy International Animated Film Festival, short film competition 2013

Script|Director: Reda Tomingas
Animation: Reda Tomingas, Darija Ciuzelyte
Sound: Andrius Kauklys

Production: Joni Art

GUILT  has received the Lithuanian film industry award Silver Crane 2013 as the best animation of the year and the World Animation Award 2013 at the 27th Leeds International Film Festival (Great Britain, 2013). The films was screened at the numerous animation film festivals around the world.
GUILD is the first Lithuanian animated film chosen for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival competition.