Killer, Penguin, Doll Face

On the edge of the Old Town is the Grey House. Killer, Penguin, Doll Face and many others live in it. No one knows for sure if Killer ever killed someone, but Penguin undoubtedly talks to the birds, and Creep is an expert in punishing himself. Doll Face is not as stupid as others think. [...]


A lonely fox desires to isolate herself from the outer world. She enjoys to be tortured by her Guilt. But it's not easy to be left alone with it as her personal space gets constantly invaded by the surroundings. While the fox's small world crumbles the Guilt just observes and continues to torment her hostess with uneasy [...]

The Boy Who Never Cut His Hair

7-year-old Tim does not like the reality around him. He dreams about returning to his past life, which he says to remember, and save his only best friend Blue Cat. He has never cut his hair because he is convinced that his memories about the Blue Cat still lives in his locks. Other children bully [...]


A story about the astronaut who is chosen to fly to the Sun. He is tortured by the mixed feelings: his wish to make it and the fear to fail. What he will choose at the very last moment? Responsibility? Or he will be scared of being the centre of attention?   Short animation | [...]

Brother Bebe

Bebenciukas is caught by a witch. His three sisters go to help him, but only the Fool, the third sister, overcomes all the challenges and saves Bebenciukas. Maybe she is not as fool as others think about her. BROTHER BEBE is a modern twist on old fairytale.   Short animation | 10 min | completed [...]

Spanish for Adults

A tiny classroom is a meeting point and a shelter for those who have come to Spain driven by the "European dream" to start a new life. Brought together by fate, these immigrants share disillusionment, alienation and yearn for a return home. But they haven’t counted on their extraordinary language teacher, 48-year-old Maria Antonia. She [...]


  Luce is a mechanic whose life is empty and pointless. His appearance and behaviour do not show he wants to change something. One day a women drives into Luce's garage and leaves her car for him to repair. Luce could fall in love with the woman, but it seems he is already too much in [...]


One day the fox steels the fish, but the greedy, gluttonous wolf eats it all. The wolf is the bigger beast and the fox is afraid of him. She does not dare to say a word. In turn, the fox devises a scheme to punish the wolf. Is the fox revenge worth the effort?   Short animation | 6 min [...]

My Head is a Pit Full of Snakes

'What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality' (David Bohm) Stop motion animation | 1' 20'' | completed Author | Director: Tomas Tamosaitis Artwork | animation: Rosario Carlino Composer: Jonas Jurkunas Production: Joni Art Supported [...]