Brother Bebe

Bebenciukas is caught by a witch. His three sisters go to help him, but only the Fool, the third sister, overcomes all the challenges and saves Bebenciukas. Maybe she is not as fool as others think about her.

BROTHER BEBE is a modern twist on old fairytale.


Short animation | 10 min | completed

Script | Director | Artwork : Rasa Joni

Animation: Skirmanta Jakaite, Gabriele Baltrusaityte, Reda Tomingas, Rasa Joni

Composer: Jonas Jurkunas

Production: Joni Art | 2010

BROTHER BEBE was awarded the best animation at the International Animation Film Festival ‘Tindirindis’ (Lithuania, 2010) and the Special Mention for the  ‘Best graphic solution’ at the International Animation Film Festival ‘Animaevka’ (Belarus, 2011).