Pink is White

All the colors in the world have disappeared. The people are overcome by complete despair and they become angry. Unicorn White and the two-headed Princess Lily embark on a journey to find the missing colors and restore them to the Kingdom. Pink Is White is a series of 10 graphic novels for teenagers and young adults, [...]

My Friend Birdie

It is a story about two friends: Martin and Birdie. A city boy Martin lives in a block of flats and longs for nature and adventures. Birdie lives in the forest and he is rather lonely. He is neither a human nor a bird, so nobody wants to be friends with him. Every Tuesday something interesting [...]

Starry Horse and Panda the Bear

Panda the Bear and Starry Horse are true friends and take care of each other. Being together they are not afraid of hardship and not even monsters or crocodiles. Every day they have tea and ginger biscuits, every evening they speak kindly to each other. There are lots of friends and happiness, fragrant scents, and [...]

Tail (book)

One day the fox steels the fish, but the greedy, gluttonous wolf eats it all. The wolf is the bigger beast and the fox is afraid of him. She does not dare to say a word. In turn, the fox devises a scheme to punish the wolf. Is the fox revenge worth the effort? Author | Illustrator: Rasa Joni Publisher: [...]